Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Toronto is an amazing city. I went there for the first time on Friday. I got home last night. I want more... now!

The FITC Design and Technology Festival was a non-stop orgy of techno, graphic design, mathematics, programming, artificial intelligence, and rockstar industry experts. I would have been psyched just attending the conference by myself, but to amplify the awesomeness, I got to spend the weekend with most of my New Media Team Project team, the New Media professors, and a handful of up-and-coming New Media students. Its going to take a long time to come down off of this high and return to normalcy.

Some of my favorite things from the conference:

  • Flash 8 Preview, 8-bit alpha transparency for Flash video.
  • Denstu elevator visualizations.
  • Branden Hall, perceptron neural networks + genetic algorithms + Lindenmayer fractals = insanity.
  • David Carson, "cokedout", Zapf Dingbats.
  • Robert Hodgin, Perlin noise, flow-field systems, Pong written for an 8x8 grid of scrubbing dials.
  • Casey Reas/Ben Fry, processing, 'softwares' as building blocks.
  • Yugo Nakamura, everything and anything he showed.
  • Gmunk, and the hilarious Mandingo
  • Joshua Davis, Paper Mario

Ok. So now what. I got to work today and for some reason, life just didn't seem as bright.

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Anonymous said...

can ya give us a more detalied review of Josh Davis' presentation? Im enthralled by his work