Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Toronto is an amazing city. I went there for the first time on Friday. I got home last night. I want more... now!

The FITC Design and Technology Festival was a non-stop orgy of techno, graphic design, mathematics, programming, artificial intelligence, and rockstar industry experts. I would have been psyched just attending the conference by myself, but to amplify the awesomeness, I got to spend the weekend with most of my New Media Team Project team, the New Media professors, and a handful of up-and-coming New Media students. Its going to take a long time to come down off of this high and return to normalcy.

Some of my favorite things from the conference:

  • Flash 8 Preview, 8-bit alpha transparency for Flash video.
  • Denstu elevator visualizations.
  • Branden Hall, perceptron neural networks + genetic algorithms + Lindenmayer fractals = insanity.
  • David Carson, "cokedout", Zapf Dingbats.
  • Robert Hodgin, Perlin noise, flow-field systems, Pong written for an 8x8 grid of scrubbing dials.
  • Casey Reas/Ben Fry, processing, 'softwares' as building blocks.
  • Yugo Nakamura, everything and anything he showed.
  • Gmunk, and the hilarious Mandingo
  • Joshua Davis, Paper Mario

Ok. So now what. I got to work today and for some reason, life just didn't seem as bright.

Starting a blog...

Alright society, you got me. Here's my blog. I'm a conformist hack like everyone else.

As a developer, I try and keep project logs (or 'plogs'... how clever) for many of my projects, both personal and professional. These writings serve to remind me where I'm coming from throughout the duration of the project.

I tend to write down my ideas in sketchbooks or in random digital documents on my computer. Unfortunately, these get lost very easily. Therefore, I'm gonna centralize everything right here. This will be nothing more than a random collection of ideas and writings.

Please make comments! Even though I intend this blog for my own aims, community involvement will only stimulate more writing and postings.